HOMIE Tournament Facts!
MYTH: Are there 2 HOMIE Tournaments this year at Lemon Lake?
FACT: NO.  There is ONLY ONE HOMIE Tournament in 2018 sponsored by HOMIE'S family to be held September 29th and 30th . The event hosted at Lemon Lake each year is the only HOMIE event endorsed by The Donovan Family, Matt Lovasko's Mother and Step-Father. The wishes of the family are to continue the HOMIE tradition at Lemon Lake each year working with The Flight Center.

MYTH: All HOMIE stamped discs support the HOMIE event and have been approved by the Donovan family, right?
FACT:  NO.  In fact, very few discs that were produced since the very first HOMIE tournament in 2002 were discs that were approved for sale by HOMIE'S family.  Profits from discs printed before 2010 were personally pocketed by individual(s) with the intention of capitalizing and profiting from the death of disc golfer Matt Lovasko and sadly, this is still continuing today.  Matt's Mother Charlene Donovan owns all rights to her sons name and legacy.  Individuals and clubs are not entitled to profit from HOMIE's name or signature by the sale of discs or events.  Copyright laws apply and all disc golf manufacturing companies have been notified and advised not to print any discs with Matt's signature without his family's approval.

Discs released with the official HOMIE stamp and sold through The Flight Center are the only discs approved by The Donovan Family.  Discs printed with the official stamps for 2013-2018 were provided to players in player packs and additional discs were produced and sold to raise funds solely for the HOMIE event.  100% of ALL PROCEEDS for those discs 2013-2017 go to sponsor the annual event with accountability and financials provided for each event to Matt's family. Each year Matt's family has contributed cash and player pack merchandise. Over these 16 years the family has contributed more than $100,000 to HOMIE players with much of this money sadly never reaching the players.


About the 2018 HOMIE Event at Lemon Lake

MYTH: Last year there was a cross country meet that delayed the start of the HOMIE event. Disc Golf should take priority over all other events in the park.

FACT: Disc Golf at Lemon Lake uses approximately 168 acres of the 403 acres of Lake County Parks land. The land in fact is owned by Lake County Parks and we are privileged to use the park hosting a multitude of events each year. The park is also used for other sporting events including cross country runs, cross country skiing, fishing, baseball and caters to the public offering shelter rentals and recreation areas throughout the park.  WE MOVED THE EVENT IN 2017 TO AVOID CONFLICTING EVENTS WITH THE RUNNERS.  The Flight Center works in cooperation with Lake County Parks to manage scheduling conflicts.

MYTH: The event did not fill but I couldn't get in. Why?
FACT: The event does have an limited event capacity due to scheduled park improvements. The registration window including late registration dates are noted.  Running an event this size requires substantial planning and administration.  We are no longer able to accommodate last minute players   ABSOLUTELY NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE TAKEN AFTER LATE REGISTRATION CLOSES!!  NO ESCALATIONS, NO FURTHER ACCOMMODATIONS, NO EXCEPTIONS.  PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

Registration for this year's HOMIE is NOW OPEN!! To register for this event, please go to PDGA.com.

A late registration fee MAY APPLY. Late registrations are not guaranteed the event t-shirt. Registrations will be taken by calling The Flight Center at 219-771-3472 or online at PDGA.com and can be paid for via credit card or PayPal.

MYTH: I don't see my division listed. Which division would I have to play?
FACT: Registration is initially opened based on event history.  Changes to divisions will be made for this year's event also based on demand.  The Flight Center is very accommodating in this regard.  For additional questions please call us at 219-771-3472 as we may be able to create a division based on the number of interested players for that division.

FACT: The Annual HOMIE Memorial is no longer a $10 funny money event. The PDGA requires a player pack value of $25 be given to each player attending an A-Tier. The overall event value for 2014 and 2015 were nearly $50,000 in cash, player's packs and awards with 2 full days of disc golf using all 5 courses, the most given out for any HOMIE event to date.  The player package value varies year to year.   If you're planning to attend HOMIE just to see how many discs you'll take home in your player's pack, you may or may not disappointed as player packs vary year to year.  If you're coming to share in the celebration of this great sport and the life of disc golfer and friend Matt Lovasko, meet new people, see some old friends and enjoy a great couple of days playing disc golf on a couple of World Championship courses, bring it! This is an event unlike any other!

MYTH: I'm not a PDGA member, so I can't play!
FACT: This is the 5th year that we are hosting this event as an A-Tier. This tournament DOES REQUIRE you be a PDGA Member.. Discounts on PDGA memberships are periodically offered through the PDGA. The event is not offering PDGA discounted memberships this year. Please contact the Membership Director at the PDGA.com for starting a new membership or renewing your existing membership.

MYTH: Why so expensive to play?
FACT: Event prices have been reduced significantly for 2018 per the family's request. Each year we make adjustments to player pack items and to player payouts.  We're cramming everything possible into your "player's package" again for 2018 with 2 days, 3 rounds, player party ($10 entry) with an all you can eat buffet Saturday night, and depending on which division you're playing, you'll also receive a player's pack with additional player pack merchandise for AMs plus the annual HOMIE player's package that includes the HOMIE t-shirt, event disc, event mini, towel and other disc golf HOMIE swag! Winners will receive HOMIE signature trophies and additional payout merchandise for AMs. You won't want to miss it!

MYTH: I didn't play any other events at Lemon Lake this year so I can't play?
TRUTH: Whether you played Lemon Lake or not this year, have played every tournament on the planet or have never played an event, YOU ARE INVITED!!

Got Questions? Call 219-771-3472!