The 2018 HOMIE discs are available through registration for the HOMIE tournament and on this website.  Each disc is priced from $12.00 - $20.00 and all proceeds go to support the tournament.


The HOMIE ACE Tribute Disc was inspired by the countless stories of Matt Lovasko hitting two aces in one round, once on the first hole and once again on the last hole he played on the RED course.  The artwork created by John Dorn is printed with a limited quantity of 75 INNOVA Star Rocs in full color and available by registering for the HOMIE event.

This year's HOMIE Event Disc was inspired by a photograph taken by Joseph Duncan from the Basket Cases Disc Golf Club.  The photo is an iconic tribute to those who play the HOMIE tourney each year and for those who throw HOMIE discs all throughout the world.  This print is available in full color on the Discraft Buzzz with a limited quantity of only 75 discs.  Fly on!