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My name is Charlene Lovasko-Donovan, Matt Lovasko’s Mother. Matt was born on October 11, 1978 in Hammond, IN and grew up in Munster and Schererville, IN.  As a young boy he developed a love for other children, music and animals. Matt was truly a boy with an engaging personality. Even though he was afflicted with asthma, he excelled in sports such as baseball, basketball, swimming and soccer.  As a teenager, he was a free spirit who felt that many of society’s institutions were filled with people who were so concerned with appearances that they missed experiencing life. This led to his friends giving him the nickname “Homie" and to a rather new and unconventional sport – disc golf.  He learned to play disc golf at Riverside Park in Hammond and as a charter member of the Illiana Flying Tigers, renamed Red Roc Disc Golf Club (in his honor), Matt was very involved in the work necessary to make the Red course at Lemon Lake County Park courses what it is today - one of the finest settings in the Midwest.

Matt’s interest in the sport and his ability to play it well led him to participate in tournaments all over the United States. In 2001, he was the top ranked Advanced disc golf player of Region 6 in the country.  In late September of 2001, Matt was killed in an accidental fire that engulfed his apartment in Munster.  Later that year his friends who played disc golf suggested to me and my husband, Jim Donovan, that the best way to celebrate Matt and his life would be to organize a memorial disc golf tournament in his name. In May of 2002, the first Matt Lovasko Memorial Disc Golf tournament was held at Riverside Park in Hammond. The night before the tournament we had over six inches of rain and the Little Calumet River that forms the south boundary of Riverside Park overflowed its banks, but because of the efforts of his friends the tournament went on as scheduled with over 80 participants.

In 2003 the Tournament was moved to Lemon Lake County Park and held on the second Sunday of October. Since that time the Tournament has continued each year with the current edition being the 17th Annual. Each year I get to see Matt’s old friends and also many new ones that know him only by reputation. Matt was a fine young man and this tournament is a great testament to his memory.”

Charlene Donovan

2018 matt 'homie' lovasko memorial
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A very private look into the life, and smiles

of Homie and his Mom Charlene Lovasko-Donovan

2002- First HOMIE Memorial Tournament held at Riverside Park in Hammond, Indiana on Mother's Day.

2003-2018 HOMIE held at Lemon Lake County Park in Crown Point, IN